flight ua 93

Composite picture
Composite picture

红包扫雷倍速both the fdr (flight data recorder) and the cvr (cockpit voice recorder) from united flight 93 were recovered in working condition. the data from the fdr has been successfully decoded. a transcript of the cvr is also available. what they reveal may surprise some people in our 9/11 truth movement.

New, complete 757 FDR and CVR (left), and Flight 93’s recovered FDR & CVR memory modules (right)
CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) from Flight UA 93

红包扫雷倍速most of the following photographs were released in 2006, after the zacarias moussaoui (“the 20th hijacker”) trial ended. despite that most of these pictures have been available for well over a decade (as of this post), most 9/11 truth seekers have not seen most or even any of these photographs, all of which are readily available online.

Crunched engine with rotors being excavated.
Air Phone from Flight 93.  Between 10 and 35 calls were made from Air phones, two from cell phones 
Airplane seatbelt
Crash debris
Plane debris, mostly from the excavation crater.
Inside Flight 93 debris container
Man with Flight 93 debris
Misc. Flight 93 debris

Paper by Frank Legge PhD about UA 93