Enneagram type names

Rosetta Stone for Enneagram Drives, Names,
Wings (Leans), & Phrases

Ken Jenkins

The Enneagram has a set of numbers which serve a Rosetta Stone-like purpose for the variety of names currently in use within the existing literature. I have complied the following “Enneagram Rosetta Stone” as a reference, and to serve several additional purposes:
•    It serves as a learning tool, since the names tell a lot about the types.
•    It shows both the common ground and differences within the Enneagram literature and teachings.
•    Hopefully it will also serve to aid the development of a more generally agreed upon set of names. Towards that end, I intend to offer this information for peer review, as start toward that goal of common ground. (I’m a 9/Peacemaker with a strong 1/Reformer wing, what did you expect?  🙂
Each list of names begins with my personal choice for the best name or names in green type.

Just below is a list of criteria for choosing names.  As you look at the names in the “Rosetta Stone” below that, notice that many of them are not consistent with all of my proposed criteria, particularly that of being neutral or positive.
The first step in finding consensus on a set of names is to agree to a set of criteria.  Here are my suggestions:

Criteria for Enneagram names
Names should be:
•    Memorable
•    Consistent
•    Short: 1-2 words
•    No technical or professional jargon
•    Positive or neutral connotation
•    Be able to pass a computer spell check (5 on the following lists don’t)

Please, let’s phase out the names that speak only to the dysfunctional side of the type.  Let’s choose names that affirm the positive side of the drive, not the associated downfall.
Many sets of names fluctuate randomly from positive to negative. It is inappropriate to cast some types in a negative light while the rest within the same set have positive names.
I believe the core of our beingness is positive and that our personality names should reflect that.  Our personality names will be with us the rest of our lives, so let’s work on making our relationships with our Enneagram drives positive and life affirming by using positive names.  The names I propose are consistently positive and meet the rest of the above criteria.

Enneagram Rosetta Stone

Drive*:   To be Right, to Reform.
To be right, do it right, not make mistakes (perfection), follow rules, to reform, improve world, strive for ideals, change wrongs, make it right for others, make the world a better place.
Names:   Reformer, Perfectionist, Principled Teacher, Perfector, Improver, Conscientious Reformer, Standard Bearer, Good Person, Ruler.
Wings:   1-9: Idealist **
1-2: Advocate
Phrases: Perfection & resentment, angry virtue, need to be perfect.

Drive: To Love, to be Loved.
To be loved, to love, to give, to nurture, to care, to serve; need to be needed.
Names: Lover, Helper, Giver, Nurturer, Pleaser, Carer, Engaging Helper, Supporter, Flatterer, Loving Person, Mother Goddess, Divine Mother.
Wings: 2-1: Servant
2-3: Host/Hostess
Phrases:  Egocentric generosity, helpfulness & manipulation, need to be needed.

Drive: To Achieve, to Succeed.
To achieve, succeed, accomplish, perform, win praise for accomplishments, please everyone, be appealing.
Names: Achiever, Succeeder, Motivator, Performer, Status Seeker, Producer, Pragmatist, Deceiver, Confident Paragon, Effective Person, Maker/Doer, Winner, Magician.
Wings: 3-2: Star, Charmer
3-4: Professional
Phrases:  Success through appearance, achievement with emphasis on image, need to succeed.

Drive: To be Special, to Create.
To create something special, unique, of oneself, be special (unique), to be noticed for special talent,
to inspire;   longing: want to have but afraid to have.
Names: Creative Individualist, Creator, Artist, Tragic Romantic, Poet, Originator, Melancholic, Afflicted Person, Emotional Person, Romantic, Connoisseur, Original Person, Expressive Creator.
Wings: 4-3: Aristocrat
4-5: Bohemian
Phrases:  Tragic vanity, unique, moody nostalgia, seeking through pain, need to be special.

Drive: To Think, to Know, to Understand.
To understand reality and people to be safe and deal with fear through knowledge  – to know how it all works and why.
Names: Thinker, Observer, Intellectualist, Investigator, Scholar, Researcher, Perceiver, Stinge, Enigmatic Observer, Wise Person, Sage, Mystic Philosopher.
Wings: 5-4: Iconoclast
5-6: Problem Solver
Phrases:  Safety through distance, knowledge with withdrawal, need to perceive.

Drive: To be Safe, Secure, Overcome Fears.
To find safety and security by figuring out all possible things that could go wrong or right, find haven, retreat; overcome fears, be safe through vigilance.
Names: Security Seeker, Loyalist, Guardian, Devil’s Advocate, Groupist, Skeptic, Questioner, Trooper, Risk Assessor, Troubleshooter, Loyal Teammate, Team Player, Co-Fighter, Hero/Father.
Wings: 6-5: Defender
6-7: Buddy
Phrases:  Fearful dependency, security with fear and doubt, need for security.

Drive: To have Fun, find Awe, Wonder, Avoid Pain.
To have fun, find awe, wonder, to dream, be happy, stay high, avoid pain through many activities, ideas, plans, projects, adventures, friends.
Names: Enthusiast, Adventurer, Fun Lover, Generalist, Epicure, Dreamer, Optimist, Cheerer, Planner, Dilettante, Escapist, Idealist, Versatile Person, Joyful Person, Visionary, Bon Vivant, Magical Child.
Wings: 7-6: Entertainer, Sparkler
7-8: Realist
Phrases: Gluttony, easy optimism with uneasy activity, need to avoid pain.

Drive: To be Self Reliant, Lead, Take Charge.
To be self reliant, lead, direct, call the shots, take charge by making own rules, deciding the game, avoiding dependency & weakness by being self reliant.
Names: Challenger, Leader, Self Reliant, Confronter, Boss, Controller, Commander, Asserter, Fighter, Champion, Top Dog, Powerful Person, Bold Leader, Peaceful Warrior.
Wings: 8-7: Maverick, Independent
8-9: Bear
Phrases: Vengeful, narcissistic aggression, self defined justice with arrogance, coming on strong, need to be against.

Drive: To make Peace, bring Harmony, Balance, Gentleness.
To find and maintain peace, harmony, quiet, balance, and avoid conflict by numbing own wants, needs, desires and feelings.
Names: Peacemaker, Mediator, Preservationist, Acceptor, Peaceful Person, Peace Lover, Keeper/Preserver, Consensus Finder, Harmonizer, Easy Going Mediator, Saint.
Wings: 9-8: Comfort Seeker, Referee
9-1: Dreamer
Phrases: The lethargy of self abandonment, Sloth, passive self-neglect, non-aggression with indolence/indecision, going with the stream, need to avoid conflict.

* The drives are based my understanding of the work of Lazaris, given at several 4 day Intensives on the Enneagram, starting in April of 1993.  You can get information about the Lazaris material at .
Although there is no information specifically about the Enneagram in the public area of this site, there is a public library with an amazing amount of scintillating information on a wide variety of metaphysical and spiritual topics.

** The names for the Wings listed here are all from Don Richard Riso’s book PERSONALITY TYPES, revised edition.  You can locate this book or get any other information about the works of Don Riso and Russ Hudson at .