The best three David Ray Griffin 9/11 truth DVDs are now available in one low cost triple case. Included in the set is the classic and best beginner 9/11 DVD:  9/11-The Myth and the Reality, plus Griffin’s favorite DVD: 9/11 – Let’s Get Empirical.  Rounding out the set is the insightful 9/11 and Nationalist Faith.

This is the perfect gift set for that hard-to-convince person.
This three DVD set is $29, shipping included. The 3 discs sold separately for $60 total, so this set is less than half price.  U.S. shipping is included.  For international shipping please add $10.

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Eight of the boxed DVDs of presentations by David Ray Griffin:

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

9/11 Truth is a cause we have been waiting for.